Exterminators Choice Snake Defence Natural Snake Repellent

Exterminators Choice Snake Defence Natural Snake Repellent

Keeping your garden clean is one thing, but keeping it free from pests like snakes, rodents, and fleas is another story. 

Aside from the annoyance and property damages that pests bring, there are also types of pests that are harmful to humans. For example, snakes can cause injuries and even death, depending on the snake type that bit you.

Here is a list of the types of snakes that you should look out for:

  • Wart Snakes
  • False Coral Snakes
  • Dwarf Pipe Snakes
  • Boas
  • Splitjaw Snakes
  • Typical Snakes
  • Asian Pipe Snakes
  • Elapids
  • Water Snakes
  • Lamprophiids
  • Mexican Burrowing Snakes
  • Snail-eating Snakes
  • Pythons
  • Dwarf Boas
  • Shield-tailed Snakes
  • Vipers
  • Dragon & Odd-scaled Snakes
  • Sunbeam Snakes
  • Spine-jawed Snakes

There are around 3600 species of snakes, and one of those could get on your lawn or garden anytime. Dealing with pests like snakes may be dangerous since there are types that can kill you in minutes, which is why it is essential to hire an exterminator when handling snake-infested gardens or lawns. 

The Ideal Snake Repellent

The Ideal Snake Repellent

When kids play in the garden, they tend to forget about their environment because they are too busy playing. This is dangerous since snakes may be lurking around the corner, waiting for the perfect time to attack your kid.

To ease your worries, you can use snake repellents. One of the products that we recommend is Exterminator’s Choice Snake Defence Snake Repellent. This product is formulated with ingredients that are safe for kids and pets. Plus, it smells good for humans but awful for snakes. 

Snake Defense is made by combining the purest garlic oil, clove oil, peppermint oil with other natural ingredients that repel snakes. The professional exterminators who formulated this snake repellent also made sure not to include chemicals, toxins, or poisons that could potentially harm your kids, pets, and the environment. This product comes in 32 oz or 128 oz canisters. 

Choosing this snake repellent with a long-lasting formula can prevent all types of snakes from going near your garden or lawn for a long time. Spray away your worries when you use this snake repellent along the borders of your garden and piles of wood, leaves, or greens to keep out snakes. 

How Does This All Natural Snake Repellent Work?

Using Exterminator’s Choice Snake Defence Natural Snake Repellent is relatively easy since you just have to spray it on the part of your house where snakes may accidentally wander to. This includes gardens, patios, doorways, and decks. 

Unlike when using traps and poison, you don’t have to deal with disposing of disease-ridden dead animals and cleaning the mess left by the setups if you use snake repellents. If the snake infestation is beyond your limits, you can contact Pest Guide to know the best options in dealing with the problem.

Keep your garden and patio free from snakes with Exterminators Choice Snake Defence! For more information, visit Pest Guide.

Where Do Snakes Usually Hide?

When looking for food, snakes may often stray to your garden or other parts of your house. They may also look for dark places where they can nest and lay their eggs. It is essential that when cleaning outdoors, you will always be on the lookout for signs that a snake may have entered your lot. 

For other special guides about other pests that are bothering you, you can visit our site. 

Pro Tip

Some snakes blend into the color of their surroundings, making it hard to spot them. That is why it is best to use snake repellents to keep your children and pets from danger.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you think that a snake may have entered your home or garage, you can use Exterminator’s Choice Snake Defence to repel them. This product is all-natural, and it does not contain any chemical, toxin, or poison that may harm your child or pets.

The long-lasting formulation used for this snake repellent makes it last for two to three weeks from spraying. If you are scared that snakes will enter the vicinity of your home after a week or so, you can use the spray again to make the odor that repels snakes more powerful.

No. This product may not work against geckos and lizards. There is a product under the same brand named Lizard Defense Repellent and Deterrent that can be used against geckos and lizards. Lizard Defense irritates the senses of lizards and geckos to make them go away.

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