Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

Keeping your home free from pests like cockroaches, crickets, and bed bugs is a difficult task. A practical method in exterminating one type of pest may not apply to other pests. Choosing the most effective approach will provide faster relief from pest infestations.

Pests like bed bugs are one of the most troublesome since a bed bug infestation comes with many medical-related issues. This may include rashes, bites, and even allergic reactions. That is why it is essential to identify bed bug infestations in their early stages. 

A lot of methods in dealing with bed bug infestations are available in the market. Some examples are foggers, insect zappers, insect repellents, and bug sprays. All are effective, but bug sprays are most commonly used due to their affordability and convenience of use.

This article reviewed one of the most popular bug sprays in the market: Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer.

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer Features

A lot of products out there are loaded with harsh chemicals that kill bed bugs. However, the Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer isn’t one of them. It features natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients that eliminate bed bugs in all life stages (eggs, nymphs, and full-grown adults).

Unlike the leading bed bug sprays, Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer’s formulation won’t stain the surfaces or fabrics where you’d most likely spray the bed bug killer. You can directly apply it on sheets, mattresses, and bed covers to kill bed bugs on site.

Since it is formulated using natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients, you won’t have to worry about your family and pets inhaling its fumes or vapors or being in contact with the solution.

Aside from being safe and convenient to use, Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer Spray also works extremely fast. The majority of customers using it found that it is easier to use and more effective than bed bug products in the form of powders, traps, and foggers. 

How to Use Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

Reading the label before using Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is essential so that you’ll maximize its ability to kill bed bugs. When using the bug spray for the first time, you can follow these steps to waste the product.

  • Spray your mattress and foundation from front to back, top to bottom, inseams, handles, piped edges, and labels. Natural oils are fragrant, so be sure to ventilate the room. Place all bedding in plastic bags, load into the dryer, and tumble on the warmest setting for 30 minutes.
  • Put all your clothing and personal effects, toys, shoes, and books in heavy-duty plastic bags. Put an Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer spray-soaked towel in each bag. Seal bags and shake well. Wait two weeks before opening the bags.
  • Spray the room thoroughly, from ceilings to baseboards, carpet, and rug edges. Spray drapery, furniture and crevices, dressers, headboards, and bed frames. Caulk crevices in baseboards and cover electrical outlets with masking tape. For heavy infestations, treat weekly for 2-3 weeks.

Why Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer Stands Out

  • Safe for Children and Pets. Eco Defense Bug Killer does not contain toxic ingredients that may harm your pets and children. It also contains renewable agriculture ingredients that are not petroleum-based. With Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, you won’t have to resort to harsh chemicals to kill pesky bed bugs.
  • Available in 4 Sizes. Eco Defense Bug Killer comes in 4 different sizes to suit your needs.
  • 3 oz – A travel-sized bug spray for when you are sleeping in a hotel, motel, or other places where you’re unfamiliar. This handy bug spray is perfect for travelers.
  • 16 oz – Can be used to treat small rooms with bed bug infestations.
  • 32 oz – This size is recommended if bed bug infestation has spread to 2 or more rooms in your house.
  • 1 Gallon – If you’re planning to have year-round protection from bed bugs, this size is perfect for you. Just store it in a cool place that young people or pets can’t access.

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Move furniture away from the walls to prevent bed bugs from accessing your bed by another route.

FAQs for Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

Can I use Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer to treat my clothes?

Yes. Simply put all your clothing and personal materials like toys, shoes, and books in heavy-duty plastic bags. Put an Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer spray-soaked towel in each bag. Seal bags and shake well. Wait two weeks before opening the bags.

How do I know if there are bed bugs in my room?

When looking for signs of bedbug activity, you should focus on the cracks/seams of your mattress. The most common sign is that you might see shells and spots where their droppings are. Don’t forget to check under the cover sheets and fitted sheets, as well as in the pillowcase.

How does the Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer kill bed bugs?

The unique formulation of Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer targets the bed bugs in your house. Upon contact with the pest, the bug spray ingredients quickly kill the bed bug’s eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs. This is possible through the spray’s active ingredients, which include sodium lauryl sulfate and geranium oil.