Bed Bugs

Pest Status:


Cimex lectularius


1/4 inch long


mahogany color or reddish


only a few millimeters long and colorless.

Bed Bugs most likely get their name from their most common feeding target, sleeping humans. Although we mostly know them from their bedroom infestations, they can be found anywhere humans are.

Facts, Identification, and Control

Here’s what you need to know about one of our most dreaded infestations.

Facts about Bed Bugs

Where Do They Live?

Bed Bugs are most common in places where humans spend a lot of time (aka beds), but they can be found throughout the US in many places, including hotels, furniture, and even suitcases.

What Do They Eat?

Bed Bugs feed on human blood, much like other blood-sucking insects. They bite humans in places where it’s easy to get to blood and feed until they become engorged.

How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

You can bring Bed Bugs home from anywhere. They travel well through public places, so be sure to check suitcases and any furniture or other soft items you bring home from secondhand shops or even other houses.

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How Serious Are Bed Bug Problems?

You’ll want to take care of them quickly.

Problem #1

Bed Bugs can hide just about anywhere. They can be found in cracks in your furniture, in area rugs, living behind switch plate covers, and anywhere in your house.

Problem #2

Bed Bugs can live for up to a year without a full meal, so getting rid of them can be tough. It’s best to call a professional to deal with an infestation.

What Can I Do about Bed Bugs?

You should seek professional help when dealing with Bed Bugs. It’s tough to get rid of them without a trained eye to find hiding places.

Make sure you call a professional as soon as you suspect you may have Bed Bugs. The longer the infestation drags on, the harder it is to get rid of them.

Bed Bugs Symptoms

Look for them in your sheets during the evening using a flashlight, or look for little brown spots (telltale signs of blood from Bed Bug bite symptoms). You can also consider the source of your itchy welts to be Bed Bug bites. Look online for Bed Bug bites pictures.

Bed Bug Prevention and Control tips

Control tip #1

Pay close attention to things you bring in your house. Secondhand furniture, donated items, even suitcases, could carry them.

Control tip #2

Here’s how to get rid of Bed Bugs. Call a professional to help spray. A trained eye can help with finding their hiding places.

Control tip #3

Here’s how to kill Bed Bugs in your mattress – encase it completely. Consider keeping your suitcase in a trash bag when you travel to prevent picking them up.

Bed Bug Professional Pest Control

Hiring a professional is a better Bed Bugs control option than trying to do it yourself. Professionals know where to look and have the tools to treat the infestation. Bed Bugs service options could help get your house back.


What kills bed bugs and their eggs?

Sustained, extreme heat kills bed bugs and their eggs. That is why putting clothing and linen through a 60-degree wash is so effective. Unfortunately, that does not get rid of the ones hiding in your mattress and cracks and crevices. They will remain alive. In time, they will breed, and your home will be infested again. That is why it is a really good idea to call someone like Pest Guide to do the job.