Stink Bugs

Pest Status:


Halyomorpha halys


Mottled grayish brown

Body Shape:

six legs and a triangular body shape

Stink Bugs get their names from the odor they make when you crush them. They’re also a common household problem.

Facts, Identification, and Control

Here’s what you need to know about this inconvenience.

Facts about Stink Bugs

Where Do They Live?

The Eastern United States, parts of the West Coast, and Texas

What Do They Eat?

They feed on crops and ornamental plants.

How Did I Get Stink Bugs?

They tend to come indoors in colder weather seeking warmth. It’s easy to accidentally let them into your house through open doors or windows.

How Serious Are Stink Bug Problems?

Don’t ignore the issue.

Problem #1

They’re unsightly and can rapidly multiply. If left untreated, you may find them in many parts of your house.

Problem #2

They can get into your indoor plants, causing damage. They prefer ornamental plants, so you could lose a few.

Problem #3

Their odor is a protection mechanism. You can cause them to release it even if you don’t kill them. Disturbing them is enough, and the odor can linger for hours after.

What Can I Do about Stink Bugs?

You can remove them from your house physically and seal doors and windows. Also, watch out during colder weather for ones hitchhiking on clothes or plants coming indoors. A vacuum can remove dead and live bugs, but discard the bag.

Signs of Stink Bugs?

They’re large enough to spot easily. They typically show up around sunny windows looking for warmth. Outdoors, you may notice because of the damage to your plants or crops.

Stink Bug Prevention and Control Tips

Here’s how to handle them.

Control tip #1

Pay close attention to the things you bring in your house. Plants that have been outside could be carrying them on leaves. Brush or rinse plants before moving indoors. Stink bug repellent may help, but it’s not permanent.

Control tip #2

Stink Bug odor can linger for hours. Be careful when handling an infestation of live bugs. It’s best to handle single bugs gently or call a professional. Stink bug spray or a stink bug trap is not always effective.

Control tip #3

Brown Marmorated stink bugs create up to three generations of bugs per year. If you don’t deal with the infestation immediately, it could be a huge problem.

Stink Bug Professional Pest Control

Professionals can help with stink bugs control and deal with indoor and outdoor infestations. They’re trained to find the bugs’ hiding places and can gently remove them while containing the odor. They could be devastating if you’ve got crops.

Stink Bugs Guides

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