How to Kill Wasps

While wasps play a vital role in nature, dealing with them in your yard or your house can pose significant problems. Learning how to kill wasps effectively and safely is critical when they invade your space.

How to Kill a Wasp in Your House

Has a wayward wasp become trapped in your house? Before setting out to kill it, you should first ensure that it’s a wasp and not a bee. Honeybee populations are in decline, which is why the government protects them, and you should too.

Once you’re sure that the intruder is indeed a wasp, you should first take steps to allow it to leave on its own. Cover or put away any food, and open all windows and doors to entice the trapped wasp to find its way again.

If this method fails, or if you’re allergic to wasp stings and just want it out, you can use a wasp killer solution if you have one on hand. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle and clean up the wasp once it’s dead.

No wasp killer solution available? Create your own with this simple DIY recipe. Mix one tablespoon of dish soap and two cups of water in a spray bottle. Shoot the solution on the wasp, and it should die within ten to fifteen minutes.

How to Kill Wasps Nest

When there’s a nest involved, wasp removal is best left to the people who are prepared for the job: pest control experts. Despite an abundance of information online on how to kill wasps in yard, a professional who can remove the infestation safely and efficiently is the better option.

Though we strongly discourage DIY wasp control, the following methods can be useful for nests that are still small:

  • Apply WD40. Wasps don’t like the smell of this product. Spray it on areas they frequent for an excellent repellent, as well as on the nest itself (five to six sprays).
  • Spray the nest with insecticides. Follow the directions on the product, and make sure to coat the entire nest with it.

If you’re feeling brave and want to try one of these methods, the best time to remove wasp nests is late spring/early summer when it’s still growing or at the end of the summer. You should also avoid applying these treatments during the daytime when the wasps are most active. If you are allergic to their stings, an exterminator is the best person to handle the problem.

How to Kill Wasps Naturally

While pesticides are highly effective, you may be wondering how to kill wasps naturally. Some of the following methods can be used to kill them, while others provide excellent preventative measures:

  • Create a spray of essential oils
  • Use hot chili peppers to create an anti-wasp concoction
  • Purchase a beautiful glass wasp trap
  • Use peppermint oil to keep them at bay
  • Buy a “scarecrow.” Wasps avoid the nests of other wasps, and an imitation nest can do wonders at keeping them away.

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