Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray

Everyone dreams of owning their own home. Having a place you can call your own is a goal a lot of people have. Many homeowners even design their homes to match what they always dreamt of having and they try to keep it spick and span all the time. However, no matter how spotless your house may seem, pests seem to always find a way into your home.

The presence of pests in your home can bring serious problems, especially if pets and children live with you. Youngsters and your furry friends are more vulnerable to these creepy crawlies in your home. Your best recourse is to protect them from all varieties of harmful insects. 

A lot of people go for store-bought insecticides to help get rid of these pests, but most of these contain toxic chemicals that are detrimental to both your children’s health and the safety of your pets.

As a homeowner, you can choose pest control products that are safer for both kids and pets, like Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray. It’s designed to remove bugs without exposing your home to dangerous chemicals and noxious fumes. Find out below how this product can mitigate your pest problem.

Overview of Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray 

There are several pest solutions you can easily find in grocery stores near you. You can just pick any brand you want from the lineup stores have but there’s one thing you need to remember. You should keep in mind that when choosing a pest control product, the safety of your family and pets is also important. 

You don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals that may affect your family’s well-being by taking the organic route. Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray kills, repels, and puts an end to your pest problems without compromising your family’s health.

This pest control spray is effective against different indoor and outdoor insects. These include cockroaches, ants, fleas, grasshoppers, weevils, and other types of pests. The extract is only lethal to pests, which kills them on contact. The remaining scent will also ward off would-be invaders for several weeks.

The main component found in this product is called D-Limonene, which acts to exterminate and repel pest insects at the same time. D-Limonene comes from steamed orange peel, making it an organic alternative to insecticides. 

Unlike its counterparts, D-Limonene won’t leave any residue or a distinct chemical odour in your home. Instead, it gives off a refreshing citrus scent that is somewhat pleasant and safe around kids, pets, and food.

Features of Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray

Let’s get to know what makes Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray a better solution for insect control.


The fact that it’s made from organic and natural materials makes it safe around food, humans, and pets. You can rest assured that your family can breathe without worrying about inhaling unhealthy chemicals.


As mentioned, D-Limonene is the main component of the pest control spray. It’s directly extracted from orange peels through the process of steaming. Under intense heat conditions, the orange peels secrete oils which are then used for the spray.

Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors

It’s a versatile product designed to exterminate indoor and outdoor pests. You can use one product to safely remove the pests from both your kitchen and garden.


The product has the seal of approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency. That means it has met federal safety standards for protecting human health and the environment.

How to Use Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray

Insects are relentless when it comes to invading someone’s home. But with Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray, you can finally say goodbye to them with one product. Here is how you can apply it to the affected areas.

On-Contact Solution

The first step is to get your Orange Guard 103 water-based indoor/outdoor home pest control – 32 oz spray. Spray it on infested parts of your home and garden, then use a damp cloth to get rid of dead insects.

Preventative Solution

Insects will always try to get into your home one way or another. You can ward them off by spraying Orange Guard into likely cracks and crevices since these are often how insects get in.


How to Prepare Your Home for Fumigation?

Eco Defense Organic Home Pest Control Spray vs Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray

Eco Defense Pro 1

Made with organic and non-toxic ingredients

Orange Guard Pro 1
Organic and biodegradable; Made from 100% plant extracts
Eco Defense Pro 2

Formulated to be safe around children and pets

Orange Guard Pro 2

EPA-registered – this means it’s safe to use around food, humans, pets, and plants

Eco Defense Pro 3

Eliminates common household pests

Orange Guard Pro 3

Eliminates common indoor and outdoor pests

Eco Defense Pro 4

It’s fast-acting in killing pests from your home

Orange Guard Pro 4

Destroys pests by dissolving their exoskeleton, leading to suffocation


Getting rid of pests is not easy, even though there are great products to control them, it is still best to consult the experts. Visit PestGuide.Org now to get more information!

Pro Tip

“Pest control spray is a great product to ensure that you and your property is protected from these unwelcome guests. You must choose the most effective one.”

– PestGuide


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Recently, the use of organic chemicals has become an effective method in tackling pest infestations. The goal is to control pests without causing damage to human health and the environment. So, if you’re going organic, you can start with Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray. For other product reviews, check out our site to help you decide on the best pest control solution.

On the other hand, professional pest exterminators today are offering organic methods for managing pest problems. Here at Pest Guide, we have access to professionals that incorporate natural pest control procedures into their offerings. This is ideal for people who prefer to use fewer chemicals in preventing insect infestation.

We put into great consideration the practical and health implications in alleviating pest problems. Contact Pest Guide today and allow us to help you! Click here to get in touch with us.Yes, Orange Guard is safe for use on kitchen counters and other similar surfaces. This is because this spray is made using organic, all-natural ingredients that aren’t harmful to humans and your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orange Guard Home Pest Control Spray can effectively kill and prevent infestations for up to two weeks but reapplication may be required for stubborn insects such as ants and other similar bugs.

Yes, Orange Guard is safe for use on kitchen counters and other similar surfaces. This is because this spray is made using organic, all-natural ingredients that aren’t harmful to humans and your pets.

If insects return after using Orange Guard, you can reapply the substance until you’re rid of these pests. If they still persist, you may have a more serious pest problem and may need the help of professionals like Pest Guide.

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