Types of Wasps

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Most have thin bodies and are flying insects


black to yellow have stingers

What are the different types of wasps? There are a lot. Different ones have different colors and diets. Let’s take a look at how many times of wasps are there in the world.

There are a many types of wasps, including:

Facts, Identification, and Control

Here’s what to keep in mind.

Facts about Different Types of Wasps

Keep these things in mind.

Where Do They Live?

Wasps live all over the US. Some make nests with colonies, and some have solitary nests.

What Do Different Types of Wasps Eat?

Some eat spiders. Others eat nectar. Others eat vegetation or plant matter.

How Did I Get Different Types of Wasps?

They’re attracted to either your yard or your food. Some come to your house looking for warmth or food.

How Serious Are Types of Wasps Problems?

They can be serious problems if you aren’t careful.

Problem #1

Wasps sting and can be aggressive. They can cause allergic reactions if you’re sensitive.

Problem #2

They can keep you from enjoying your yard if you find a nest close by. You should have a professional remove the nest, so you don’t get hurt.

What Can I Do about Different Types of Wasps?

You should consult a professional exterminator to make sure you remove wasps safely. Also, keep an eye out for their food sources and keep debris and brush cleared.

Signs of Types of Wasps?

You’ll notice their nests, or you’ll see them flying around. They’re pretty identifiable.

Types of Wasps Prevention and Control Tips

Handle their presence quickly before it gets out of hand.

Control tip #1

Keep food covered when you’re outdoors to avoid attracting them.

Control tip #2

All types of wasps will build nests. Clear away any possible areas where they could build.

Control tip #3

Seal your house carefully to prevent them from getting inside. This includes areas around the doors and eaves, windows, and AC units.

Types of Wasps Professional Pest Control

Call professionals to help you handle your issue. Wasps can be a difficult problem to treat depending on the type, but you want to make sure you stay safe. Professionals can ensure wasps are removed safely with no injury to you.