Small Black Ants

Pest Status:


Monomorium minimum


Small black ants are tiny and measure about 1.5 millimeters in length


black or dark-brown color


twelve segments.


two sections, and their thorax is unevenly rounded

The little black ant is common in Southern California and the Eastern half of the US. Read on to find out more facts about little black ants.

Facts, Identification, and Control

If you have small black ants in the house, here are some ways to identify them.

Facts about Small Black Ants

Where Do They Live?

Little black ants live in the dark, protected areas. They forage in trails, and you may spot the, along foundation walls and sidewalks. When indoors, they will crawl onto wooden items like the area between walls and carpets. These ants prefer to live in decaying wood, but build their nests in cracks; they also build their nests in wall voids.

What Do They Eat?

Little black ants consume insect honeydew, fruits, vegetables, meat, sweets, and other insects.

How Did I Get Small Black Ants?

Although the small black ants prefer to nest outdoors, they can come inside to forage for food. They can hide under crevices or gaps.

How Serious are Small Black Ants Problems?

Small black ants can cause problems like:

Spread Disease

Small black ants can transmit bacteria by contaminating your food, which could lead to food poisoning.


These ants can bite, causing discomfort. Although the bites are not dangerous, the skin may become irritated.

What Can I Do About Small Black Ants?

little black ant

You need to find the ants nesting sites for you to control small black ants. The next step is to store food in sealed containers and wipe any spills. Ensure that repairs are done on window screens and any door gaps.
To handle an infestation of Small black ants with wings, you may require the help of a pest control company. They have the expertise and tools to eliminate these pests.

Signs of a Small Black Ants Infestation?

One common sign of an infestation is the visible evidence of ants in or outside the house. You may also notice some powder form leftovers on the kitchen or bathroom floor.

Small Black Ants Prevention and Control Tips

Some of the ways you can prevent and control small black ants infestation include:

Removing Debris and Bricks

Get rid of any debris and bushes from the exterior of your home as they can serve as a nesting place for little black ants.

Clean Up Spills

Ensure that there are no crumbs or spills around the house and in your kitchen. Store food in sealed containers to remove potential food sources.

Seal Any Cracks

Caulk gaps around doors and windows to prevent access to the little black ants. Check your home’s foundation or exterior walls for cracks and seal them.

Small Black Ants Professional Pest Control

If you’re handling a significant infestation, you may need to seek professional help. A pest control company has staff that’s knowledgeable about small black ants, and the best methods to treat the problem.