Pill Bugs

Pest Status:




dark brown to black

Body Size:

armored plates that can fold up to turn into that classic roll.

Pill Bugs, otherwise known as Rollie Pollies, are the only crustaceans that live solely on land. They’re cute when we’re kids, but can be a hassle in adult life if they’ve infested your house.

Facts, Identification, and Control

Here’s what to keep in mind.

Facts about Pill Bugs

Keep these things in mind.

Where Do They Live?

They live in the United States and like to hide underneath things like rocks, rotting wood, and debris.

What Does a Pill Bug eat?

They eat moist, decaying plant matter and can destroy house plants if you aren’t careful.

How Did I Get Pill Bugs?

If you see them indoors, that means there’s probably a very large population outside. They come in seeking warmth but rarely survive indoor conditions.

How Serious Are Pill Bug Problems?

They’re more of a nuisance than a real problem.

Problem #1

They can swarm in moist environments, moving indoors accidentally and causing a lot of headaches.

Problem #2

They can ruin your vegetation if you aren’t careful. You may notice damage to your younger plants.

Problem #3

You don’t have to worry about a pill bug bite. They don’t bite, but they are a considerable nuisance indoors.

What Can I Do about Pill Bugs?

Pill bug anatomy requires moisture. Make sure you don’t have the conditions for them to survive indoors.

Signs of Pill Bugs?

Most of the time, you find dead ones inside. That’s how you know you have a problem. It’s an issue only if they keep coming inside.

Pill Bug Prevention and Control Tips

Consider these options to get rid of them.

Control tip #1

Get rid of pill bug habitats – moist vegetation where they can hide. This can discourage them from moving indoors.

Control tip #2

Seal doors and windows to prevent entering the home. If they can’t find an opening, they can’t get in.

Control tip #3

Check all plants you’re moving from outdoors to indoors. They can catch rides on your houseplants and find themselves indoors.

Pill Bug Professional Pest Control

If you keep finding them inside, call a professional to help you get rid of the pill bug habitats and provide pill bugs control. A professional can also help with recurring infestations to keep your home pillbug free for good.