Oriental Cockroach

If you see a giant, black, and frightening looking insect in your home, then it may very well be an Oriental cockroach. The odds are even better if you find the creepy-looking bug in a cool, damp locations, such as your basement.

Facts, Identification, and Control

Latin Name

Blatta Orientalis


If you see a shiny and large black cockroach in a dark, damp part of your home, it’s probably an Oriental cockroach. Oriental cockroaches are quite big, and an adult is approximately one inch long.

Like all insects, Oriental cockroaches have six legs. Oriental roaches also have antennae, and their bodies appear black or very dark brown.

The male Oriental cockroaches have large wings, while the females have much smaller wings. Both males and female Oriental roaches are remarkably shiny.

Facts About Oriental Cockroach

Where Do They Live?

Oriental cockroaches love to live in dark, damp locations. If you have any wet or humid areas in your home, that’s where to check for Oriental cockroach infestation. This report by LA County indicates that Oriental roaches love water control boxes, garages, plumbing leaks, or any cool, damp areas.

Check areas such as damp cellars, bathrooms, under sinks, drains, and porches.

What Do They Eat?

Oriental cockroaches are genuinely shameless in their appetite and will eat nearly anything. They’ll gladly consume trash, decomposing material, decaying organics, crumbs, pet food, or anything they can find.

How Did I Get Oriental Cockroaches?

Remember that Oriental cockroaches love damp, dark places. They’ve been known to enter homes through drains and pipes. Oriental cockroaches may also find their way into your home through cracks in your door, siding, or windows.

How Serious Are Oriental Cockroach Problems?

Stress and Anxiety

The notion of one’s home harboring big black roaches is enough to make anyone stressed. Even if Oriental cockroaches don’t make you sick, they can take a toll on you mentally.

Food Contamination

Oriental cockroaches are filthy. They also love snacking on your unprotected food overnight. The last thing you want is a swarm of Oriental cockroaches crawling all over your food, dishes, kitchen surfaces, and food preparation areas.


On top of being overly creepy, Oriental cockroaches can help spread disease, especially if they get into your food storage areas. Oriental cockroaches may help spread food poisoning, diarrhea, and dysentery, according to Penn State Entomology.

Property Damage

If enough Oriental cockroaches amass, then it’s easy to imagine how they can wreak havoc upon your property. Feces, waste, dead roaches, skins, shells, and a festering stench can easily chip away at the crevices of your home.

What Can I Do About Oriental Cockroaches?

When you spot an Oriental cockroach in your home, it’s easy to panic. The first step is to remain calm. Try to figure out where the cockroaches are hiding. It’s also a brilliant idea to consult with a licensed pest removal professional.
If a professional rids you of your cockroach problem, don’t let the cockroaches back in.

Here’s how to keep the cockroaches out:

  •  Enclose your windows with screens
  •  Seal any cracks in your doors with caulk
  •  Double check any drafty areas, eaves, or openings that you suspect
  •  Double check any secondhand furniture or electronics
  •  Vacuum regularly

Signs of an Oriental Cockroach Infestation?

The surest sign of an Oriental cockroach infestation is visual confirmation. So, always be on the lookout for cockroaches, both alive and dead.

If you see an Oriental cockroach in your home, then there’s a good chance that more are nearby.

Oriental Cockroach Prevention and Control Tips

# 1 – Eliminate Food Sources

Never leave food out overnight unprotected. You’re probably inadvertently supplying your Oriental cockroach guests to a nighttime buffet. Instead, seal all food in containers or the refrigerator.

# 2 – Eliminate Water Sources

If you leave a water bowl out overnight for your dog, then consider picking it up at night. If you have any leaky sinks, faucets, or water sources in your home, dry them up. Don’t give your Oriental cockroaches a free drink.

# 3 – Eliminate Clutter

The more excess furniture, clothing, stuff, and clutter you have in your home, the easier it is for Oriental cockroaches to hide. Try your best to throw away extra cardboard boxes, appliances, and furniture that nobody uses.

# 4 – Vacuum Frequently

Even as you read this, Oriental cockroaches may be crawling safely and snugly along your floorboards or carpet. Try your best to vacuum frequently and thoroughly.

Oriental Cockroach Professional Pest Control

Oriental cockroaches are excellent at hiding. They also reproduce very quickly. For those reasons, it’s probably a genius move to seek professional cockroach removal services if you suspect that your home has roach problems.

Benefits of hiring a professional Oriental cockroach exterminator:

  • Get expert advice from professionals who study and manage cockroaches for a living
  • Rid your family of the stress and trauma of finding Oriental cockroaches in your home
  • Get peace of mind that’s only possible when you eradicate all roaches from your home