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Family Culicidae


are in the same group as Diptera. They have a single pair of wings, thin legs, and prominent proboscis on their head. Their bodies have tiny scales and have a length of three to nine millimeters.

Mosquitoes are common as the temperature warms in spring. The World Health Organization estimates that there are over a million deaths annually due to mosquito bites. Find out more about these biting parasites.

Facts, Identification, and Control

Below are some pointers on how to identify mosquitoes and methods of mosquito control.

Facts about Mosquitoes

What Do They Eat?

Most mosquito species eat organic debris and aquatic organisms. However, some species eat sugary items and take a blood meal to produce developed foods.

Where Do They Live?

They live where they breed. They prefer still water and shady, moist vegetation.

How Did I Get Mosquitoes?

These pests love breeding next to water sources. If you have excess rainwater on your backyard, you may attract mosquitoes. They’ll get into your house through open windows and gaps.

How Serious Are Mosquito Problems?

Mosquitoes can cause problems like:


Mosquito bites are painful, itchy, and can cause swelling.

Disease Transmission

Mosquitoes spread malaria and yellow fever to humans. These are life-threatening diseases that can lead to death.


Mosquitoes can be a nuisance with their buzzing noises, especially at night.

What Can I Do About Mosquitoes

You can prevent a mosquito infestation by getting rid of standing water. Spraying an insecticide can reduce mosquitoes in your house. Trim your lawn and reduce the amount of vegetation around your home.

Signs of a Mosquito Infestation

Some common signs of an infestation include the presence of eggs floating in the water, buzzing noises, and itchy red bites.

Mosquito Prevention and Control Tips

You can practice natural mosquito control by:

Using Mosquito Traps

Install mosquito zappers and traps to keep these insects away.

Use a Repellant

A mosquito repellant can temporarily keep the biting parasites away.

Mosquito Professional Pest Control

Sometimes home mosquito control methods do not work. It’s frustrating having to handle a large breed of mosquitoes. A professional pest control company is often your best option and they can advise you on the best treatment plan that’s tailored to your landscape. They also have the tools to control larvae found in flooded areas.
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How Much Does Mosquito Control Cost?

Mosquito control costs can range from $80 to over $100 depending on the size of your property.