House Fly

Pest Status:


Musca Domestica




four to seven millimeters long


They have black stripes on the thorax, and some have hairs that act as taste organs. Their complex compound eyes give them a wide field of view.

The house fly is a common household pest. Find out how to identify this pest and how to prevent their species in your home.

Facts, Identification, and Control

Below are some house fly facts.

Facts about House fly

House flies love to hide on the edges and corners.

Where Do They Live?

During the day, they’ll be on ceilings, walls, and floors. These pests can also rest on garbage cans, fence wires, and on plants.

What Do They Eat

House flies feed on garbage, carcasses, animal food, and human food.

How Did I Get House fly?

House flies can crawl inside your home through unsealed cracks in doors and windows. Having clutter and other debris around the house can also attract these insects into your home.

How Serious are House fly Problems?

Flies live close to humans, and can cause problems like:

Being a Nuisance

Preparing your food and having these insects fly over can be frustrating. They are a nuisance to you and your family.

Spread Diseases

These insects pick up viruses, fungi, and bacteria and spread them to your water and food. The contamination can lead to tuberculosis, dysentery, and food poisoning.

What Can I Do about House fly?

You can prevent flies from invading by closing the lids on all garbage containers, cleaning all sink areas, and replacing broken screens and windows. It’s essential to create an air that prevents them from getting into your house.

Signs of a House fly Infestation

House flies create a buzzing noise with their wings. You’ll hear the sound around light fixtures, drainpipes, and garbage cans.

House fly Prevention and Control Tips

Below are some house fly control tips.

Eliminate the Breeding Sites

Throw out anything that may act as a breeding site, such as plastic bags and trash cans.

Pick Up Waste

Do not let pet waste decompose as this could quickly attract house flies. Pick up trash.

Seal Any Gaps

Place tight-fitting screens and weather stripping to the edges of your windows and doors to ensure there are no entry points.

Use a Pesticide

The use of a pesticide is one of the best house fly control home remedies. Be sure to read the label and follow all directions indicated.

House Fly Professional Pest Control

The best house fly control needs knowledge of larval developmental activities and breeding locations. A professional pest control company has staff that have the expertise to spot these locations and figure out what treatment to use to eliminate these pests.
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