Hobo Spider

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Eratigena agrestis


They’re brown with darker bands on the body and visible appendages on the head.


When people compare a hobo spider vs. wolf spider, they often mistake them for one another.

Hobo Spiders are fast-moving brown spiders that like to use humans to move around the country. They’re great hunters and mostly harmless to humans, if not surprising.

Facts, Identification, and Control

Here’s what to keep in mind.

Facts about Hobo Spiders

Keep these things in mind.

Where Do They Live?

They typically make little tunnel webs for protection, and they’re found all across the United States.

What Does a Hobo Spider eat?

They capture insects and other smaller spiders like most in their family.

How Did I Get Hobo Spiders?

It was probably looking for food or shelter. They like to come indoors during the cold to help survive, or they were chasing prey. So what’s the difference between a wolf spider and a hobo spider? Size and web.

How Serious Are Hobo Spider Problems?

They’re more of a nuisance than anything.

Problem #1

They like to hide in places where you wouldn’t expect, so you might get a surprise in your houseplant or that pair of shoes you haven’t touched in a while.

Problem #2

They do bite, but they aren’t poisonous. If you’re immunocompromised, you may have a reaction. Hobo spider bite venom effects are painful but rarely complicated. Hobo spider bit stages are pretty minimal not like bites of a brown recluse.

Problem #3

They can be tough to find once they escape, so if you see them be vigilant. A professional can also assess the situation. If you don’t know what to do with a hobo spider, don’t worry. They’re mostly harmless.

What Can I Do about Hobo Spiders?

There’s nothing to do with Hobo spiders. Just seal up places where they might be getting into the house.
Signs of Hobo Spiders?

You’ll see one every once in a while, or you may notice their web hideouts. Other than that, they aren’t very noticeable.

Hobo Spider Prevention and Control Tips

Consider these options to get rid of them.

Control tip #1

Seal doors and windows and any other place where they might get in. Check belongings when you walk in the house.

Control tip #2

Hobo vs house spiders has to do what the web. If there’s an elaborate web, it isn’t a hobo spider. Brush away clutter where they might hide.

Control tip #3

Keep your house free of food and debris that can attract insects which might attract spiders. A clean home is a clearer house.

Hobo Spider Professional Pest Control

If you have trouble with spiders, you should consult professionals. You can always get advice on how to control hobo spider venom effects from your medical professional and let an exterminator help you with a spider problem.


Where are hobo spiders found?

Hobo spiders are found in woodpiles, under rocks or in cracks and crevices. If they find a dry hole at ground level or just above, they will try to make a home in it. Because Hobo spiders bite, you may want to use PestGuide to find a pest controller.

Why are hobo spiders called Hobo spiders?

Hobo spiders are called hobo spiders because it is believed that they spread by hitching lifts with migrant workers, in the 30s. Some people used to call these homeless workers hobos. These spiders bite, so, if you want you can hire a pest controller via PestGuide to deal with an infestation.

Are hobo spiders dangerous?

Hobo spiders are not dangerous. It used to be thought that their venom could cause necrosis (flesh death). In America, the CDC stopped listing them as a venomous spider, in 2017.