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Marmota monax


brownish grey


prominent teeth and a rodent-like body.

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are members of the squirrel family. When people compare a groundhog vs. a gopher, they often misidentify the groundhog. They’re cute and furry but can wreak havoc on your hard with their burrowing.

Facts, Identification, and Control

Here’s what you need to know.

Facts about Groundhogs

Keep these things in mind.

Where Do They Live?

They burrow into the ground, and they’re typically found in North America. Groundhog repellent is challenging to find, but most of them aren’t too devastating.

What Does a Groundhog Eat?

So what does a Groundhog eat? Groundhogs eat vegetation, including things in your garden. Groundhog traps often have fruit as bait. That’s how you catch a Groundhog.

How Did I Get Groundhogs?

They’re common in the outdoors but many crawl into the crawlspace to escape the cold.
How Serious Are Groundhog Problems?

You should always handle the situation quickly.

Problem #1

Groundhogs can ruin your garden and your yard with their eating and burrowing. They may cause you to lose some of your favorite plants.

Problem #2

They may seem like gophers, but in gopher vs groundhog, a groundhog is typically worse. They’re much larger and have more devastating effects on your yard.

Problem #3

You might get a groundhog bite if you surprise it, but for the most part, it’s only your garden you have to worry about.

What Can I Do about Groundhogs?

You can set groundhog traps with professionals, or you can try to kick them out of your yard. It’s best to consult a professional to get them out, however. Their behavior can be hard to predict.

Signs of Groundhogs?

You often see your vegetation chewed and may step in one of their burrows that has collapsed. Under your house, you could notice the signs of animals in tracks or chewed pieces of debris.

Groundhog Prevention and Control Tips

Consider these options to get rid of them.

Control tip #1

Clear out brush and old vegetation. Use Groundhog repellent on your plants.

Control tip #2

Seal areas in your home where they might be able to get in to prevent them from burrowing under your house or in your basement.

Control tip #3

Make sure you consult a professional before they take over your yard to help prevent long term damage to the landscape.

Groundhogs Professional Pest Control

Professionals know how to trap groundhogs and keep them away. They can use groundhog repellent, handle ground bites, and get rid of them before they’re an issue.