Fire Ants

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Red Imported Fire Ants get their name from their color and their painful bites. They’re a nuisance species that can be tough to get rid of. Let’s look at these Fire Ants facts.

Facts, Identification, and Control

Here’s what to keep in mind.

Facts about Fire Ants

Keep these things in mind.

Where Do They Live?

They’re often found in the Southern US from coast to coast.

What Does a Fire Ant eat?

Fire ants are omnivores. They’ll eat vegetation, sweets, other insects, your food, anything they can get their “hands” on.

How Did I Get Fire Ants?

They’re typically introduced from potted plants at another location. Fire ants in house through cracks under doorways or other openings.

How Serious Are Fire Ant Problems?

You don’t want to ignore the signs of Fire Ants.

Problem #1

They have painful fire ant bites, which are actually stings. They swarm quickly and can overwhelm a human, especially a child.

Problem #2

Their mounds can quickly take over your landscape and ruin any chances you have to enjoy your yard. They’ll move into your house soon after.

Problem #3

Having fire ants in a structure goes beyond how to get rid of fire ants naturally. You may have to call on a professional.

What Can I Do about Fire Ants?

Seal off your home from any possible entrances and research how to get rid of fire ants. Use professional help to get them out of your yard.

Signs of Fire Ants?

You’ll see their telltale mounds because they build substantial irregular mounds that you can see quickly. Inside, you’ll see them swarming around food sources or water sources.

Fire Ant Prevention and Control Tips

Handle their presence quickly before it gets out of hand.

Control tip #1

Make sure you seal your doors, windows, AC unit, or any openings to prevent ants from getting inside.

Control tip #2

Keep food covered when you’re outside to avoid attracting the ants to your yard or inside your home.

Control tip #3

Carefully inspect any potted plants or nursery additions to your hard to make sure you don’t bring in an infestation to your yard.

Fire Ant Professional Pest Control

Fire Ants are a professional issue because it can be challenging to get rid of them once they’re in your yard. You can look up how to get rid of fire ants home remedies, but it’s best to handle these things professionally with fire ant control methods.