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So what is an earwig? They’re brown with bodies a lot like silverfish.

Earwigs are pretty creepy-crawly, but they’re not dangerous to humans despite their urban legends. Why is an earwig called an earwig? You don’t want to know. They’re solitary and display some maternal behavior unusual for the insect world. Let’s explore.

Facts, Identification, and Control

Here’s what you need to know.

Facts about Earwigs

Keep these things in mind.

Where Do They Live?

Earwigs hide in rocks or in rotting debris. Piles of leaves are fair game but also clutter in damp places in your house.

What Do They Eat?

They eat decaying matter, but they’re also attracted to sweet or oily foods in your house.

How Did I Get Earwigs?

An earwig in the house isn’t a big deal. They got there because they wanted food or a place for shelter and you had it.

How Serious Are Earwigs Problems?

You shouldn’t ignore this issue if you find out you’ve got an infestation.

Problem #1

What does an earwig bite look like? An earwig bite is pretty rare since earwigs prefer to eat other things. They can look disconcerting, however, and get into your food.

Problem #2

They can lay eggs in your house if you don’t rid of them soon enough, leaving you with an infestation.

Problem #3

They can get into your food and ruin things.

What Can I Do about Earwigs?

Do you know how to get rid of earwig bugs? Get rid of debris around your house and don’t mulch too much where they can nest. Put food in airtight containers and avoid clutter like old books or cardboard.

Signs of Earwigs?

You’ll notice them in your house in your things, especially in your foods you leave out. You may also see them when you disturb their hiding places such as old books or turning over rocks.

Earwig Prevention and Control Tips

Consider these options to get rid of them.

Control tip #1

Get rid of earwigs with earwig control. Clear all debris away from your house such as leaves or woodpiles.

Control tip #2

Keep food away from the open and make sure you don’t leave the foods they like out in the open.

Control tip #3

Contact a professional if you notice more than a few in your house, but single insects can be swept out of the house to handle the problem.

Earwig Professional Pest Control

It’s best to allow a professional to handle infestations. An earwig in the house isn’t a big deal, but many could be a huge issue. Turn it over to the professionals.



Can earwigs destroy indoor ornamental plants?

Yes, earwigs can destroy ornamental plants. These pesky insects feed on wood and plant material, and since they are omnivorous, they can eat pretty much anything. Earwigs will easily destroy your ornamental plants by leaving holes on the leaves as well as excrement. They also eat flowers, lettuce and celery. Earwigs can be very devastating.

Do earwigs carry diseases?

Earwigs do not carry diseases. They are merely dangerous or poisonous. One can be frightened by their pincers, but it is important to note that they use the pincers to protect themselves from toads or birds. Earwigs may pinch, but their pinch is not that powerful.

Which season is the best time to eliminate earwigs?

Understanding earwigs in terms of what they like to feed on and where they stay gives us a clue on the most reasonable way and time to eliminate them. Earwigs feed on plants, hence if you have one in your house be ready for them. Earwigs prefer damp areas around your house as well as musty corners. Target these areas, and you will successfully eliminate earwigs.