Bed Bugs How Much Do Bed Bug Exterminators Cost

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Bed Bugs: How Much Do Bed Bug Exterminators Cost? (A Simple Guide)

Upon learning that your home is infested with bed bugs, the first thing you’re probably going to want to do is figure out how much getting rid of them will cost. After all, these blood-sucking pests can be an expensive problem.

Unfortunately, prices vary depending on many factors. But understanding these factors is the first step to getting a reasonable quote and eliminating the bed bugs in your home!

How Much Do Bed Bug Exterminators Cost?

Professional bed bug exterminators vary in price, due to a significant number of factors. However, the most influential of these factors include:

  • The location of your home.
  • The size of your home.
  • The severity of your bed bug infestation.

The more massive the home and the more severe the infestation, the more expensive it will be to hire an exterminator. Also, prices vary from region to region. A quote you may receive in California is sure to differ significantly from the one you will receive in Georgia, or Illinois.

However, there are national averages that can be helpful to look at when estimating the cost of a bed bug exterminator. Typically, homeowners can expect to spend between $1,000 and $2,000 on an extermination service.

How Much Do Professional Bed Bug Exterminators Cost?

You can choose between a self-employed exterminator or a professional, company-backed exterminator. Independent exterminators are not necessarily unprofessional, and their services typically cost far less than professionally certified services.

But exterminators that work for a large, well-known company are held to strict standards that may work in your favor. If the work done on your home is not adequate, then a call to customer service can turn things around. This feature is not available when choosing a self-employed exterminator.

Professional exterminators will have a more excellent range of equipment to work with. They also may be able to offer treatments that self-employed exterminators cannot.

The method most often employed by bed bug exterminators is an integrated pest management system which uses both chemical and non-chemical means. However, most have a purely non-chemical option for those who do not wish to bring pesticides into their homes.

Non-professional exterminators or self-employed exterminators often rely solely on chemical methods to rid a home of bed bugs.

What Types of Services Do Bed Bug Exterminators Use?

Much of the cost of your extermination service depends on the exact methods you’d like your exterminator to use when ridding your house of bed bugs.

Exterminators have many tools and techniques to kill all kinds of pests, and there is a specific protocol to follow when handling bed bugs. Your exterminator will walk you through the various methods available, as well as the price for each one.

Standard services include:

  • Heat Treatment.
  • Steam Cleaning.
  • Freeze Treatment.

Chemicals and pesticides tend to be the least expensive solutions, but they aren’t entirely sufficient.

Heat treatments typically cost less than a fumigation service, and are incredibly useful, primarily when performed by an experienced, certified professional.

Fumigation services and freeze treatments are the costliest methods.

A combination of pesticides and heat treatment is usually the recommended treatment method. The heat kills most of the bed bugs and their eggs, and the pesticides ensure that any survivors are doomed. This method is referred to as integrated pest management. In addition to standard services, a reputable exterminator will also recommend monthly inspections and treatments to prevent a reoccurring infestation.

How Much Do Bed Bug Exterminators Cost for a 2-Bedroom Apartment?

For those living in smaller spaces, costs will naturally be lower as there is less ground to cover. The average price per room for bed bug treatments is about $300. But a 2-bedroom home has more than two bedrooms. There is also the dining room, bathrooms, kitchen, and living room to consider.

Still, a 2-bedroom apartment will cost between $800 and $1,200 to treat. The exact price depends on the types of treatments you decide to use, the exact square footage of your home, and the standard rates of professional extermination service.

How Much Do Bed Bug Exterminators Cost for a 4-Bedroom Apartment?

People with larger homes will be faced with a higher cost when attempted to rid themselves of bed bugs. Not only are there more bedrooms (and therefore more beds), there’s often an abundance of square footage to cover. This leads to an increased cost.

Bed bug extermination for a typical 4-bedroom apartment or home will cost between $1,200 and $2,500. Naturally, the exact pricing will depend on several factors, such as the treatment type you request.

An easy way to estimate the cost of your extermination service is to multiply the square footage of your home by $2. This should give you an average approximation, as most exterminators charge between $1 and $3 per square foot of ground covered.


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